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In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Media studies) specialized in film, with a minor Film Production at the University for the Creative Arts in England. In 2017 I entered the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam to study Production Design, where I further developed my design skills, with a special focus on stop-motion and 2D animation.

In 2019 I initiated my own stop-motion project at the academy: Kimiko. This was realized into a teaser as part of the 2021 graduation program. Kimiko joined forces with Pedri Animation to create the puppets, and this led me to come back to Pedri in 2021 to work on other projects: the ultra short stop-motion film Aeronaut (directed by Leon Golterman) and short stop-motion film The Smile (directed by Erik van Schaaik).

I am currently a puppets intern at Guillermo del Toro's stop-motion feature Pinocchio (Netflix) in Portland, specializing in costume fabrication. 


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