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Kimiko (2021)

1:41 min
Stop-motion animation teaser about a child from the countryside, finally visiting her estranged mother in the big city.  This teaser
is part of the 2021 graduation program at the Netherlands Film Academy.

This film was made in collaboration with KRO-NCRV. 

My role

Production design, puppets, 2nd animator, poster design.

Director Faydim Ramshe

Production  Naduah Zahradnik & Siemen Versloot

Sets  Annelot de Boer, Danithia van Weenum & Anouk Boef 

Animation  Madeleine Homan

DOP  Jan Koks & Pascalle Olthof
VFX  Franca Wisselink

kimiko poster rgb - online.jpg
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